Vintage China Packages

Festagehire provides beautiful and elegant mismatched trios of china to add a unique and special character to your big day. We like to be flexible as we know every wedding is different so we are happy to use the china how you vision it whether that’s as table wear, as centre pieces or stacked for decoration. We are happy to have as much or as little input as possible. 

Vintage Hire for 10 people
Package includes:
2x Teapots
2x Cake stands
2x Milk Jugs
2x Sugar Bowls
10x Cups
10x Saucers
10x Side plates
10x Teaspoons
10x Knifes
Vintage Hire for 20 people
Package includes:
4x Teapots
4x Cake stands
4x Milk Jugs
4x Sugar Bowls
20x Cups
20x Saucers
20x Side plates
20x Teaspoons
20x Knifes
Vintage Hire for 30 people
Package includes:
6x Teapots
6x Cake stands
6x Milk Jugs
6x Sugar Bowls
30x Cups
30x Saucers
30x Side plates
30x Teaspoons
30x Knifes
Vintage Hire for 40 people
Package includes:
8x Teapots
8x Cake stands
8x Milk Jugs
8x Sugar Bowls
40x Cups
40x Saucers
40x Side plates
40x Teaspoons
40x Knifes
Vintage Hire for 50 people
Package includes:
10x Teapots
10x Cake stands
10x Milk Jugs
10x Sugar Bowls
50x Cups
50x Saucers
50x Side plates
50x Teaspoons
50x Knifes
Vintage Hire for 60 people
Package includes:
12x Teapots
12x Cake stands
12x Milk Jugs
12x Sugar Bowls
60x Cups
60x Saucers
60x Side plates
60x Teaspoons
60x Knifes
Vintage Hire for 70 people
Package includes:
14x Teapots
14x Cake stands
14x Milk Jugs
14x Sugar Bowls
70x Cups
70x Saucers
70x Side plates
70x Teaspoons
70x Knifes
Vintage Hire for 80 people
Package includes:
16x Teapots
16x Cake stands
16x Milk Jugs
16x Sugar Bowls
80x Cups
80x Saucers
80x Side plates
80x Teaspoons
80x Knifes
Vintage Hire for 90 people
Package includes:
18x Teapots
18x Cake stands
18x Milk Jugs
18x Sugar Bowls
90x Cups
90x Saucers
90x Side plates
90x Teaspoons
90x Knifes
Vintage hire for 100people
Package includes:
20x Teapots
20x Cake stands
20x Milk Jugs
20x Sugar Bowls
100x Cups
100x Saucers
100x Side plates
100x Teaspoons
100x Knifes